My home at home and future value

It is said that Japanese are not good at managing assets. In the recent news, comparing the knowledge of asset management in the world, it was a topic that Japanese people are very low level. Especially the young generation was serious and it was necessary to educate asset management and investment more. Perhaps the intellectual level is not different, it means that it was a problem in Japan that the method was biased towards savings. Real estate investment for housing is also an important issue in asset management. Paying a long term mortgage to make assets is the purchase of my home. If you purchase your home from now, if you use a mortgage, you will end up paying earlier in about 30 years. However, around that time the population will also decrease, and the number of young people will also decline. Elderly people increase, but elderly people do not purchase my home.

Then the balance between supply and demand will collapse. The number of users of the house will decrease. When considering the asset value at that time, it may be that there is no tenant even if you try to sell it and you do not sell it and try to lend it by leasing. So, as before, you do not have a home where you can purchase anywhere, you need to purchase a home where you can gain value as real estate investment. Or preparing old capital while saving up on rent. It is the present era that the way of thinking of residence is in the process of changing.

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